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Sit back, slow down, and take a cruise. That's what SLPS are all about. We're just about the coolest bicycle club there is :-) And We're as individual as you are. From retro stylings to edgy theme bikes, SLPS reflect a look and a style that says; I'm here for the fun of it.
Its a way of life...

Scrapers™ = Everything that rides too damn low...

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Cool video from Long Beach California!

Video of a nice cruise in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California!
Wish I was there...



One of our favorite motorcycle builders!!

Martin Bros' Website!


Cruisin' on my Scraper bike!

Check this video by "Da Trunk Boiz"



Gerd @ Spokes on Slow'n Low in Holland...

Report on ‘Week van de Fiets, Tilburg Netherlands’.

To show the world, the Netherlands is a real bicycle country, the city of Tilburg has a special Bicycle week. Like almost every year now there is was closing party at one of its parks. A special ‘lowrider’ area was hosted by Spokes, Custom Bikes Breda, Custom Bicycle Lighting and sponsored by Felt Bicycles.

To meet all members of the Custom Bikes Breda crew and visit Spokes Tilburg we were all most exited to meet our friends from Norway. They took the time (twelve hour drive by camper) and effort (four hours by boat) to visit The Netherlands and really bring something new to the ever growing scene.
Although it was just for three days, we embraced every moment.

While DJ Flamboyant was dropping his skills on three decks, bringing that ever soulful sound the sun was good to us. In total about fifty bikes showed up.

After a couple of hours of ‘gathering at the spot’ we started the cruise through Tilburg. Like always, to slow and to much stops for beer & chips.

At the Custom Bikes Breda Forum you will also find lots of reports about the weekend. Make sure you check them all out! In this item however, we will focus on our friends from Norway.

It’s always good to see how people differ in vision of how to build bikes. Some like it classy, some sexy, deep or just hard & plain:) It’s good to experience a new type of building with a very high standard of design. The bikes are build for ‘Scraping™’ the coolest term for building your bike just a little to low so you can scrape your pedals on the streets while cycling. ‘Pedal Scrapers™’ to the max, they are mostly all based on stretched cruiser frames where you feel the builders Original Dyno Roadster’s grease pounding through their vanes.

The first brick, that was placed in Norway to start a new chapter when it comes to building custom bikes, was placed by Richard Jacobsen. The brick was gold plated and filled with diamonds and great vision. Now there are up to five bricks, all of the same quality building beautiful machines. I’m most sure they will be an inspiration for a lot of people when it comes to developing style and bringing details to their bikes.

It’s great the group of enthusiastic people is ever growing, expanding globally and making friends all over the world by now. Make sure you visit the ‘Slow ‘n’ Low’ forum and meet the guys behind the bikes. Team up, register and continue your journey on ‘Planet Cruiser’.

Check out Spokes Bikestore' website here!


SLPS have been traveling!

Veni Vidi Vici!

We came, we saw, we conquered...

The scrapin' gang have been invading Holland.
And what an invasjon! It started pretty slow'n Low but it picked up quite fast...

Life is a highway...

Early morning somewhere in Germany...

Fill'er up please...

cruz put on some stickers of course!

We're there...

It was a pretty looooong trip to get there! First we packed 5 bikes, one frame and five big guys inside a not that big Motorhome. Then we went on a 5 hour boat trip from Norway to Denmark. After that we had a 12 hour drive through Denmark, Germany and most of Holland. Puhh...

We met Gérard/Space Piraat and his daughter Anneke on the motorway between Tilburg and Breda. And it was imidiately a success. Love at first sight... :-)

Space Piraat and cruz-®

First we went to the greatest little bikeshop in the whole wide world (!), Spokes in Tilburg (www.spokes.nl).


We wanted to buy some parts before we mounted our bikes. They where in parts because we had 5 bikes inside the Motorhome!
Gerd@spokes was like a BFAM (Brother from another mother!).
We liked him and his shop from the first time we layed our eyes on them...
And we loved the fact that we was in an awesome bikeshop, smoking sigaretts, drinking beer and buying parts! Life does'nt get any better than that...
After we raided Gerds shop we went home to Space's place. Originaly we wanted to park the RV at a camping area but we came up with a better solution. We parked it outside Space's appartment. That way we could be in town, have a place to park our bikes at night and we had a place to shower. There's a shower in the RV but it's allways better to do it inhouse...

The bikes was put together and since we where two hours late we took the train to Breda where the rest of CBB was waiting in a park.

We arrived at the park and meet up with the rest of "tha' wild bunch"! It was great to finaly meet the guys we have been chatting and discussing with the last year. Jexx, Da Ken Net, Mike, Pogo, Ben Luukie, Hawaii and a lot more of the guys was there!

CBB had a great picknik in a nice little park, we had some food and a few beers. We "lied" about our bikes and we "joked" about their bikes...

Then we scraped the streets of Breda!
It was great cruisin' with you guys!!

After a few hours of scrapin' we went back to the RV. The guys was so f**'n tired after a 5 hour ferry trip, a 12 hour road trip so we just had to get some sleep.
We grabbed a few beers at Space's place then we all just dissapered in to a scrapin' dream... :-)

Sunday was yet another great day! The sun was shining from a blue sky. After a great breakfast and a quick shower at G's place we cruised over to the park where Spokes had a stand and there was a lot of bicycle happenings there.
All the guys was there, "Boy" played some funky music and we chilled there for a while. And after a bit Bjorny and Guy came cruising from Belgium. That was cool because Aladdin had Bjorny's old wheels on his "Phat Ass" Phat.

After a little while we cruised over to Spokes bike store. We wanted to "pull Gerds leg"!! I had made a big sticker saying: "Slow'n Low Was Here!!". We put that in the middle of the window at Spokes shop. That was pretty cool! We shot some pics that we showed to Gerd. He liked it a lot! He said that he'll never take it of! That's cool...

Then we gathered all the bikers that was there and cruised for a few hours around the town of Breda.

It's pretty cool when so many bikes cruise at the same time... And the shop-van from Spokes was folowing us with cold beers and chips, so every time we stopped we had a "cold one"! How cool is that?! We shot a lot of pics and some video from that cruise. Check the Photo Album for more pics!

Back at the park we asked Gérard and Gerd if they wanted to come with us this evening to eat some dinner. Our treat! And Gerd arranged a table at a place where they was supposed to have great SpareRibs.

Time for some drinks...

And some ribs...

The ribs was great and it felt like we had known eachother for years. We laughed and lied a lot...

After dinner we went back to tha' "motherload" (Spokes shop) to pick up the bikes. We had parked them there.

Gerd's watching over our rides...

We got some more parts and we "lied" a bit more... :-)
cruz bought a Felt Clarice with 7 speed and aluframe for his wife!! Gerd was excited. And when we left the building we spotted a "green mean skelleton" (Kermit) on the floor.
It was a sorry sight. RIP (Rust in Pieces)...

The Kermit was there in it's bare skin...

On the way back we stopped outside the museum to shoot some pics. And from there the trip back to the Piraats place was a strange cruise.
It was like we all knew that this was the last cruise together. No one scraped or talked. It was a looong and winding road...

Aladdin lifting his "Phat Ass"...

Monday morning we took the RV over to Gerds place to pick up the Felt for cruz' wife and to say goodbye to a soulmate.
Gérard said he could go with us to the freeway to point us in the right direction. Gerd said he wanted to go with him.
So from Gerds place to the freeway Gerd rode with us in the RV and Aladdin was riding with Gérard in his little Aygo.


At the freeway we stopped to say goodbye and that was not a "happy ending". Tears was in all eyes..

Even if it was hard to say goobye we where pretty happy and satisfied. We had a lot to talk about. So the trip up north was not as loong as the trip south.

Thanx much all of you guys for making this happend!!!

SLPS gang...

Check the photoAlbum for more pictures!