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Sit back, slow down, and take a cruise. That's what SLPS are all about. We're just about the coolest bicycle club there is :-) And We're as individual as you are. From retro stylings to edgy theme bikes, SLPS reflect a look and a style that says; I'm here for the fun of it.
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Scrapers™ = Everything that rides too damn low...

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Scrapers Planet - The Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download Scrapers Planet - The movie!!
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If sparks dont fly, you are way to high... :-)



Fuller Racer!!

I love this RacerBike by my friend Brian Fuller and FELT!



When are we going guys!?!


Another Dyno Coaster in the house!!

Tee and cruz went to Sweden to pick up a new Coaster.

I found it on the website called blocket.se. The guy wanted 3000,- skr. (2700,- Norwegian!!) for it. It looked OK on the picture in the ad. First I decided to buy it from the dude in Stockholm. Then Thomas chipped in on the deal so we bought it together. We was'nt to sure how to get it to Norway. Stockholm is like 600 kilometers from Stavern. We then asked the member Jerk on the forum if we could ship it to him. He lives in Gøteborg, wich is only like 3 hours from us.

That was OK with him (thanx Jerk!). Then we just had to go and get it from his place. That way we could say hello to Jerker, cruise the streets of Gøteborg and pick up the Coaster at the same time...

Jerk was a very nice biker dude! He was very happy to have us visiting. And we had great cruise in Gøteborg. Jerk was a great guide. Gøteborg has a lot of nice bike lanes. Reminds me a bit of København in Denmark.

After the cruise we got the big box on to the hauler. And headed back to the mother country. Wa sayd goodbye to Jerk and we planned to visit again pretty soon. We got a new friend in Sweden now... :-)

The Dyno Coaster looked nice when we finally got it out of the box. The seller had packed it good (thanx Marko!). It was not a Mint condition bike as JR's Coaster but it was pretty much OK. We opened the box back in Norway like 1:45 at night!!

Check the photoalbum for the pics from the trip!!


Drop it when it's hot!!

Here's the Coaster after the first assembly. It was high as a house!
We had to ajust the ride height!!


Here it is a bit closer to the ground. We have mounted a bent springer from Spokes (thanx JR for the loaner!) and cutted a piece of the seat post to get the seat closer to the frame.
So little and so great result...

It dropped 10 centimeter!!

Stay tuned for more pics guys...