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CIA! First annual Slow'n Low get together!

We have planned a get together in Copenhagen the first wekend in may.
Since this is the first attempt it's only for a few good friends from all over the world. If this is a success we might try to make this into an annual thing...
We have booked rooms for all the participants at the same hotel in the center of town. On saturday we will have a guided roundtrip in the city and surroundings of Copenhagen. The guide-guys will make arrangements for food and drinks.

The capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen, is chosen because of the distance from most of the entrants homeplaces.

We called it CIA just to make a joke on another large happening... ;)

CIA stands for "Copehagen International Assault". We worked hard to find some words that would fit the CIA nametag... :lol:

There have been merchandise sale also... ;)


At Sunday, May 03, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard about you guys visiting christiania, i ride a red dyno coaster myself, not as low as your bikes though :p
If you do another CIA cruise let me know and I can arrange you get a proper tour and no locals will run away with your bikes for sure!
peace out
stomper at ronkedors.dk


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