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Sit back, slow down, and take a cruise. That's what SLPS are all about. We're just about the coolest bicycle club there is :-) And We're as individual as you are. From retro stylings to edgy theme bikes, SLPS reflect a look and a style that says; I'm here for the fun of it.
Its a way of life...

Scrapers™ = Everything that rides too damn low...

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4th of July Newport Beach!

Got this video from the soCal Sloww'n Low chapter!


Oslo cruise in september!

I packed my pick-up truck and headed for Oslo last weekend. I was to meet Geniuz and Halgeir for a day of cruising. The weather was nice for a fall-cruise.

First I was looking at Halgeirs "garage".

He had just finnished a Fixed Gear bike.

After a few minutes of playing around with the fixie we headed downtown to meet up with Geniuz. He was waiting outside "Bikes and Boards", a great bikeshop in Oslo.

We found this Kona Fixed Gear bike for under 4000,- That's a bargain...

We cruised in and around the city of Oslo for almost 6 f'n hours. We used the subway twice and we had some great mexican food at a place called Mucho Mas.

Burrito at Mucho Mas! Yummy!

Scraping the subway in Oslo!

Cruising (read Scraping) down from Ekeberg...

Two brothers from San Diego had opened a "West Coast Culture" store. They had a couple of lowrider bikes from Lovely Lowriders on display.

We meet this guys at a cool store!

Lowriders in the store...

Testriding the So-Cal...

At the famous Opera house building!

More pictures here!


Videos from FBI 2008

First this from our friends in Cruisados bike club!
You can spot a few SLPS members here...


Show your Kustomized Bicycle to the world!

Any style, any brand. Lowered, lifet, streched. Fixed gear or a lot of gear. Homemade or purchased...

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Here's a great photo of a great custom bicycle!
The Broken Arrow from RHL Kustoms...


FBI 2008!

Slow'n Low rules big time on the COTY at the FBI!
2 golden one's, shared second place best paintjob and first place roadster class!


Cruisin' Norwegian style!

ENZO' going in...


Copenhagen International Assault! The CIA!

The first ever CIA meeting in Copenhagen is now officially over and boy did we have a great time

We met at the hotel around noon, thursday may 1st. The hotel was perfect for us bikers. First of all it had a good price, the location was perfect and they had a great back yard where we could lock-up our bikes at night.

The weather was'nt that good so we went for a walk to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks. We ended up at Hard Rock Café, that was just around the corner. After a while the rest of the guys showed up. Jerjer from Sweden came by train and Jan Stian and Halgeir from Oslo came by a loaded Skoda stationwagon...

After HRC we went for a little pub to pub tour. Ended up at a Irish pub on "strøket". We had a few more beers and then we went back to the hotel to take the bikes for a cruise. The weather was not the best but we had to cruise... After a hour or so the sky opened and we rush back to the hotel wet as a cat!
Then a afterparry at Kristof's room. He had beer and glasses for everybody from Belgium. That was great!


Friday, cruz' had a plan for a cruise for 2-3 hrs. But first some of the guys wanted to visit Davinci Bikeshop, a local bikeshop.

Then after we had been there the sky was dark and it started to rain. Then the planned cruise was cancelled. We cruised trough the raindrops down to Nyhavn. Parked the bikes and had some beers and drinks at a great little pub. Some of the guys had a few "over the top"...
The rain stopped after a couple of hours. Then we cruised to Christiania. There we met some of the locals and we had a few more beers. One of the locals run away with cruz' bike. Pretty scary for a second...
Later that day we went to a great mexican restaurant and had a great diner and drinks. We had a lot of fun and the food was great!


Saturday the weather was perfect!! Finally!!
We had an appointment with a guide at noon. So we drove of from the hotel around 11. The guide guy was very impressed about our bikes. The tour was ment to be 2-3 hours, but he staid with us for more than 5. I think it was because he liked us crazy "scrapers". The tour was f'n fantastic!! We have seen so much of Copenhagen...

We was at Christiania and made friends with the owner of the bike shop. He cruised with us for an hour or so after. He shot 300 pics of us...

Then at 6 we had a table at a nice little restaurant in the old part of CH. The ribs, wings and teaks was great!
Since it was our last day in CH together we did'nt want to go home or go "bar fly". We wanted to cruise! So we "parked pogo's wife Karen at the hotel and went for a night cruise wit no plans. That was maybe the best cruise we had. We stopped at a new bar at the river. The owner, an english dude offered us free beer! We drank them all!!
Then we scraped the city of CH some more. We found a great bridge where we shot some nice pics, had some laughs and joked around.
Then we found a quarter pipe for skateboards. We had a little competiion, let's see who get highest... Lot of fun!

Sunday was also sunny and blue sky. We packed up our bikes. Jerker had to go on the train and Jan Stian and Halgeir had to drive back to Oslo. So the rst of us whent for a little shopping tour of CH. So many great shops...

We kissed and sid goodbye. And all of of agried on: it had to another episode of the CIA!!



CIA! First annual Slow'n Low get together!

We have planned a get together in Copenhagen the first wekend in may.
Since this is the first attempt it's only for a few good friends from all over the world. If this is a success we might try to make this into an annual thing...
We have booked rooms for all the participants at the same hotel in the center of town. On saturday we will have a guided roundtrip in the city and surroundings of Copenhagen. The guide-guys will make arrangements for food and drinks.

The capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen, is chosen because of the distance from most of the entrants homeplaces.

We called it CIA just to make a joke on another large happening... ;)

CIA stands for "Copehagen International Assault". We worked hard to find some words that would fit the CIA nametag... :lol:

There have been merchandise sale also... ;)


Interviewed by a local newspaper!

We got a phone call from a local newspaper the other day. They wanted to make a story on small clubs and associations in the area that "do distinctly things". Then our little bicycleclub was perfect for the story!

Here's a picture from the happening...


Wallpaper April!

Get it here

1680 here...