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Sit back, slow down, and take a cruise. That's what SLPS are all about. We're just about the coolest bicycle club there is :-) And We're as individual as you are. From retro stylings to edgy theme bikes, SLPS reflect a look and a style that says; I'm here for the fun of it.
Its a way of life...

Scrapers™ = Everything that rides too damn low...

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Yet Another Conversation With Aaron Bethlenfalvy

Ganske morsom samtale med Aaron Bethlenfalvy fra den tiden han var hos Nirve.
A pretty cool interview with Aaron Bethlenfalvy while he was at Nirve.

Long-time BikeRod&Kustom readers, and those who mine our archives will probably note that we seem to run a lot of interviews with Aaron Bethlenfalvy, former design head for GT/Dyno and current design head of Nirve Sports. The reason for this is simple. Not only is he a brilliant young designer firmly steeped in our (kustom) kulture, who always has something new and exciting to show; but, he's also literate and entertaining as hell. We'd probably offer him his own regular column if it weren't so much fun to interview him. This time, the interview is based on a new batch of images, which showed up in our in-box recently. Most of them were of a new chopper frame design Nirve is about to introduce. Although the images were of the hand-made
prototype, and renderings for two production variants based on it, I didn't realize this at the time. Because of its exciting surface treatment and detailing, I thought the prototype image was of a high-end, limited-production edition. In art, we call this a "happy accident", as in this instance, it resulted in a more interesting interview. Enjoy!

Read the Conversation hear!


Jay's workin' on it...

JR har plukket ned sykkelen igjen. Ny lakk men litt usikker på farge.
JR's taken the ride apart again. New paint but he's not sure 'bout the color.

Ny webside! New Website!

Som du ser så har vi oppdatert utseende på websiden. Nå ser den litt mer ut som en webside. Ikke bare en blogg...
As you can see we've changed the look of the website. Now it looks more like a website not just a blogg...


Møte hos JayAreSee lille-hjulaften

Vi hadde et litet "møte" hos JR lillehjulaften. cruz hadde laget ny look på websiden. Vi diskuterte litt frem og tilbake om det. J. har plukket sin Blvd. cruiser i deler for å skifte farge!
We had a smal meeting at JR's place at 23th of december. cruz had changed the apperance of the website. We discussed that. And J. had taken the cruiser apart for a new paint job...


Have a Slow & Low X-mas!!

Merry Christmas! Click on image...
Vi ønsker dere alle en god "hjul" og et godt nytt Cruiser År!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new cruising Year!


T-shirt design!

Sjekk forumet, jeg har lagt ut noen t-skjorte design der...
Check the forum, I've posted a few t-shirt design...



Møbler! / Furnitures

Sykkel møbler!
Bicycle Furniture!

Ganske tøft bilde! / Pretty cool picture!

Flere bilder i fotoalbumet!
More pics in the photoalbum!

Samling hos Tee / Gathering at Tee's place

Vi hadde en liten sammenkomst hos Tee i anledning at vi hadde tippet over 2000 treff på bloggen. Vi hadde en sen Brunch med kake og det hele. De som kom var Tee, JR, cruz, Aladdin og et nytt medlem: Robinson Kruiser.
RK sykler også på en Nirve Cannibal.

Etter mat og prat tok vi en liten sykkel tur i det "fine" været.
Vel det regnet ihvertfall ikke...

Flere bilder i fotoalbumet!

We had a little gathering at Tee's place. We had just passed 2000 hits on the website. That was a reason to have some cake. The guys that was there was: Tee, JR, cruz, Aladdin and a new member called: Robinson Kruiser.
RK's also ridin' a Nirve Cannbal.

After cake and talk we had a little ride on the cruisers.
The weather was pefect, NOT!

More pics in the photoalbum!



Rebirth of Cool...

Last ned knalltøff Sting-Ray TV reklame
Download the cool Sting-Ray television commercial

Custom Bicycle Designer

Bikes for every lowrider comin' at you through cyberspace. www.bicycledesigner.com

Read about LRM's visit to Bicycledesigner!



The Roots of Lowriding

Les om Lowrider historien her!
Read all about the Lowrider History!

Kapittel nummer 7 er historien om Lowrider syklene!
Chapter #7 is the story about the LowriderBike!

Lowrider Bicycle History

Lowrider bicycles were a result of the lowrider movement during the 1960's. The "custom" king George Barris first began this movement by lowering automobiles. Because of the expense of lowrider cars, kids could not afford to be a part of the lowrider car movement. Instead they began fixing up their own bicycles. Then Schwinn came out with a revolutionary new cruiser, the 1963 Sting-Ray. It was built to resemble a dragster, one of the top motor trends of the era. It took cycling from transportation to being fun to ride. In 1964 George Barris caught a glimpse of the new Schwinn and was inspired to create a museum quality custom. These were created specifically for The Munsters, "Monster Koach" and "Dragula". Joining these was Eddie Munster's wildly modified '64 Sting-Ray.Every self-respecting kid in America wanted a Schwinn Sting-Ray like Eddie Munster's.

For a group of young East Los Angeles Chicanos, however this was not enough The first modifications was filling in the frame, adding streamers and mirrors, and pretty soon started lowering them. Bending the fork was the most common way of lowering them. The Schwinn bikes seemed to fit the Latin spirit because they had a lot of chrome and so were similar to lowrider cars. It never really reached beyond East Los Angeles in this early phase. These groups were not considered very serious at the time. Soon BMX bikes came in and lowrider bicycles took a siesta.

During the 1970's lowrider bicycles began making a come back. This was partly to do with the Mexican-American movement. In the 60's it was considered a bad thing to be Mexican. Then with the Chicano movement of the 70's, it became a good thing to have Mexican heritage, which was good for everyone. All of a sudden Mexican-Americans were making gains in this society. That's when lowrider bikes came back on the streets.

Lowrider's as bikes are a different concept of bike riding. The options are endless in designing your own fashion statement style for the streets. The hole lowrider bike movement started from the 1960's. and the "custom" king George Barris,and in 1964 the Schwinn Sting-Ray was born. With the help of Eddie Munstor ever kid in the USA wanted one. Find out more and out the history have a look at the links below


Introduced in 1963, the original Schwinn Sting-Ray changed the world of bikes forever. By 1968, its design dominated bike sales. In that year alone, 70% of all bikes sold in America were either Sting-Rays or Sting-Ray knock-offs.

Read all about it!

Once you POP, U can't stop...



FBI 2007, noe for oss å tenke på!!

FBI 2007


FBI Part VI, 25-29 july 2007 Amsterdam

Amsterdam (Cruise Council)- Hereby the Cruise council announces the official data for the FBI part VI, "The Return of the Chopper"

We will start off on wednesday the 25th of july 2007 and will reclaim the streets of the DAM again till sunday 29th 2007.

Small changes as always in the program...

The orginal beachcruise will not return to the program, but replaced by a 45-50 km nightcruise along the Amstel river. This tour has been tested by the council and has various bars along the route.

Returning to the program, the team timerace, one +/- three minute round through park or location to be found, 3 riders, best time wins..we done this at the FBI part IV and was fun. This will replace the cruiseball, also takes less time...is faster and less dangerous, as we are happy nothing happened.

Rest of the program will stay more or less the same, maybe change some starting time...only have to find a way to arrange partycruise, because we will need a licence this time.
Happy cruisin"
Wazzup on ChopperNewsNetwork


Photo Album!

Husk å titt innom vårt fotoalbum også før du stenger!
Remember to take a look at our photos before you leave!

Vil du ha denne bilde-slide'n som skjermsparer?
Do you want this slide as your screensaver? (5Mb)



SLPS Bicycle Hauler!!

Her er den perfekte sykkel frakteren...
Here's the perfect bicycle hauler...