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Sit back, slow down, and take a cruise. That's what SLPS are all about. We're just about the coolest bicycle club there is :-) And We're as individual as you are. From retro stylings to edgy theme bikes, SLPS reflect a look and a style that says; I'm here for the fun of it.
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Oslo cruise in september!

I packed my pick-up truck and headed for Oslo last weekend. I was to meet Geniuz and Halgeir for a day of cruising. The weather was nice for a fall-cruise.

First I was looking at Halgeirs "garage".

He had just finnished a Fixed Gear bike.

After a few minutes of playing around with the fixie we headed downtown to meet up with Geniuz. He was waiting outside "Bikes and Boards", a great bikeshop in Oslo.

We found this Kona Fixed Gear bike for under 4000,- That's a bargain...

We cruised in and around the city of Oslo for almost 6 f'n hours. We used the subway twice and we had some great mexican food at a place called Mucho Mas.

Burrito at Mucho Mas! Yummy!

Scraping the subway in Oslo!

Cruising (read Scraping) down from Ekeberg...

Two brothers from San Diego had opened a "West Coast Culture" store. They had a couple of lowrider bikes from Lovely Lowriders on display.

We meet this guys at a cool store!

Lowriders in the store...

Testriding the So-Cal...

At the famous Opera house building!

More pictures here!


At Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Blogger koekoeh said...

cool bike!

At Monday, April 27, 2009, Blogger herfel said...

look my burrito very low.
No se ingles espero que te guste, muy guapo tu blog.
pero deverias pasar por custombrigade y ver el concurso de burritos.


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