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Sit back, slow down, and take a cruise. That's what SLPS are all about. We're just about the coolest bicycle club there is :-) And We're as individual as you are. From retro stylings to edgy theme bikes, SLPS reflect a look and a style that says; I'm here for the fun of it.
Its a way of life...

Scrapers™ = Everything that rides too damn low...

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Visiting a great store in LA

Oh my god, I wish I was there. How cool is this store guys...


Anneke is a Scraper!

Space Piraats daughter Anneke is scraping her pedals...



Brelett on a Dyno...

You have to be from Norway to get the point here...



I want YOU to join SLPS!!

Visit from Sweden!

Jerker (left) and the rest of the Slow'n Low crew!

Jerk er (a.k.a. Jerk) was visiting us from Sweden this weekend.
He do not have a car so he had to take the train for several hours then a ferry for 2,5 hours to get to Norway. The we picked him up at the ferry in Sandefjord, wich is like 30 min. drive from here. The first night, friday, he slept at T-bars place. Then saturday morning some of us met up with them in Stavern. Also there was a journalist from a local newspaper there. She wanted to make a story about Slow'n Low in here newspaper.

Taking pictures!

The weather was great, maybe to much sun for the photographer from the paper. But she shoot a hell of a lot of pics. She loved our bikes so much I think she really is going to get one for her self.

Jerker brought his incredible MINT condition red Dyno Coaster!

Jerker was having a great time in Norway, after cruising on saturday we enden up on cruz' veranda. We had a few beers and ordered some pizza and had a great time in the afternoon sun. Then after a good night sleep at the "head office of SLPS" Jerker went back to Sweden on sunday with a big smile on his face. Big smile and wanting to come back to visit pretty soon...

Cathrine the journalist loves the Dynos too!


The DUB Edition in the making...

Here's a video of the DUB Edition bike.



Here's a new Slow'n Low Wallpaper, use it...

Here's a large file!

Here's a medium file!

Here's a small file!

Go and get it!



Enzo's got a new ride!

Check out this JEWEL!!

More pics in the PhotoAlbum
Read more about the mint condition Red Coaster in the forum.
It was purchased new by IKEA Sweden...



More pics of the DUB®

Here are some great B&W pics of the DUB®
Pictures by Spokes, edited by RickART


FBI Winners!!

Winner of the TT class at this years FBI meeting in Amsterdam!

Builders of the DUB®
-Richard a.k.a. cruz-® (idea, design and graphics production)
-Remi a.k.a. JR-C (design and paint)
-Gerd (Spokes) (design and build)!

TT Class winner went to Spokes Bikestore. They’ve brought an international collaboration (together with cruz and JR-C from Slow'n Low, Norway) remake of the Felt Scythe in DUB® Style. High Gloss white paint, topped of with an upside down 200mm carbon fork, White Widow 155mm cranks, polished Rigida 80mm Rims and Louis Vuitton finishing on the saddle and grips.

Here's a FBI '07 video