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Sit back, slow down, and take a cruise. That's what SLPS are all about. We're just about the coolest bicycle club there is :-) And We're as individual as you are. From retro stylings to edgy theme bikes, SLPS reflect a look and a style that says; I'm here for the fun of it.
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Fall scrapin'!

Our member Slofie in Belgium sendt us this ALSP
Autum Leaf Scrapin' Pic.

That kinda says it all...



Broken hand news!

Here's an update on the hand situation.
It looks a lot better but I still can not open the hand more than this.
I'm going to the hospital tomorrow for a controll. The bump you see on topp there is actually two of the rods that is in the finger that sticks out. Hurts like shit when I accidently hit them! And I do all the time...


SCSS Roadster news!

The So-Cal Theme bike is moving forward ever so slow.
Here's some news for ya'll...

New parts from AllRideStyle in Germany (www.allridestyle.de)!

I got an awesome set of stickers while visiting So-Cal in Las Vegas.

And another package came from "downunder"!
A seat from Wolf Bicycle co. Great seat! Check the website: www.wolfbicycleco.com!


RAL Color System!

If you're working on a something that needs to get painted.

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SEMA, Las Vegas 2007

We have been to SEMA again!
cruz' and JR booket plane tickets on wednesday the 24th of october and we left for Las Vegas early saturday the 27th. The trips that are planed on short notice are usually very good. And boy this was a good one...
JR had never been to the USA before so he was pretty excited about the trip. Not only is he very interested in custom cars and bikes but he's also a "movie nut". Many of his favourit movies are shot on location in Vegas. Such as Oceans 11 and Leaving Las Vegas. He could'nt wait to be standing on the same locations as in the movies.
He almost did'nt get to to that! He was pulled over at the immigration. He had been prosecuted but not convicted a few years back. And of course they found out at the imigration.
That was some scary moments at the border. I did'nt know what happend and I was waiting for him for almost an hour...

Finally after 30 hours of traveling we was in Sin City, and what a city! If you have'nt been there: GO! GO! GO!
The best hotels in the world, yes they are even more expencive than the Burj al-arab in the Emirates, are on the Las Vegas Bloulevard (the Strip). One have real lions in the lobby and 5500 rooms (MGM Grand), one have a replica of the Eifel Tower (Paris Hotel) another looks like the Manhattan and have a rollercoster inside (New York, Nwe York Hotel). And one even have gondolas to get to the room (The Venetian)! Crazy!!

And the SEMA car show at the Las Vegas Convention Center is of course the largest car show in the world. We walked and walked for 4 days and I'm not sure if we got to see the whole thing. SEMA is on from tuesday until saturday the first week of november. We was in Vegas for 9 awesome days...

Here's a few pics and you will find a lot more pics here!
Or read about it in the forum here!

Here's a SEMA movie...

The fountains of Bellagio Hotel...